Hampton Roads Lacrosse
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HRLax League?

A - The Hampton Roads Lacrosse (HRLax) League is an All-Volunteer Non-Profit Charitable Organization.  It has ftwo divisions providing lacrosse opportunities for  girl’s and boy’s High School players (for public school students). Each division is managed by a Commissioner with input from a policy committee or area representatives.   The league is a spring league with practices beginning in February with games running from March through May.

Registration fees are used for league, team, and game expenses including: game fields,  referees/officials,  and offsetting league required coach training, mandatory coach background checks, and registration expenses.

The HRLax League is in compliance with US Lacrosse’s National Youth Rules and Standards and requires coaches to complete Positive Coaching Alliance training, complete the US Lacrosse Level 1 course in age-appropriate lacrosse instruction, and successfully clear a background check from the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).

When is the lacrosse season?

A – The HRLax League season is during the Spring.  High School Club lacrosse games are played from March until the end of May.  Additionally, summertime brings additional tournaments in which some players may choose to participate. During the fall and winter there are instructional clinics, a few tournaments and a limited "Fall Ball" season. The best place for additional information is the division tabs or area lacrosse tab on this website.

Where are the HRLax league games played?

A – We play games at various fields in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, Norfolk, Va Beach, Suffolk and the Outer Banks.

I am interested in coaching, how do I get involved?

A – We encourage any lacrosse enthusiast to become involved. All you have to do is contact any of the representatives listed on our contact page or use the Contact Us form and just tell us you want to be involved.  Our administrative staff will put you in touch with the correct person.

Where can I purchase lacrosse equipment/gear for my son/daughter?

A – There are many online retailers who offer lacrosse equipment, as well as some local retailers. HRLax does not endorse any one retailer, whether online or local.

How can my son/daughter become a game referee?

A – Once they enter high school, they are eligible to referee our youth level games. All referees are provided extensive training via the HR Lacrosse Officials/Referees training program. Referees are compensated for their time but are responsible to provide their own uniform.  Go to the Officials Area or use the Contact Us Form to let us know you would like to be involved.

Are lacrosse games played in the rain?

A – Yes, lacrosse is an all-weather sport. Unless the weather is extreme, expect games to be played. Your first method for information regarding game day decisions is electronic notifications through email, texts, and this website.

Lightning – At the first sighting of lightning, ALL players, coaches and parents will move from the field to an area of safety. Games will not resume until 30minutes after the last sighting of lightning.

Can my son/daughter play lacrosse and soccer/tennis/baseball etc. in the same season?

A – Obviously the league would prefer your son/daughter concentrate on lacrosse throughout the season, but we realize that many younger players have multiple interests. Please work with your coach regarding practices and games as communication is key.

How do I submit photos for display on the website?

A- We are looking for good quality photos of HRLax Lacrosse players of all ages from all HRLax areas and teams.  Please submit to websitemanager@hrlax.com

Who makes the decisions for the HRLax League?

A – The HRLax League is a volunteer-run organization which follows the standards, rules, and best practices set forth by US Lacrosse.  Decisions on matters not addressed by US Lacrosse rules and guidelines are handled by the working boards of the League and Divisions.  Each Commissioner is the decision authority for their Division and the League Board of Directors has may hear divisional appeals and is the decision authority for any inter-divisional issues.  The Director and Commissioners consult members of their Division boards and committees and when appropriate, survey coaches or the general membership for input. 

If you wish to be part of this dynamic group and help shape the direction of the League, please contact the any of the Division Commissioners or Operations Managers.  Current board and committee members welcome those wishing to contribute their time and talents to the betterment of Lacrosse and the League.

Who do I ask for additional questions that are not answered here?

A – Use the Contact Us Form and your question will be directed to the correct person to help.